About ReTechNow

About ReTechNow

ReTechNow.com is part of the TLC family of companies that specialize in internet marketing. We do just about everything including but not limited to internet marketing, website design, search engine optimization, video marketing, blogging, quality backlink building and much more.

ReTechNow Does Internet Marketing

ReTechNow Does Social Networking

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I’m the founder and owner of Tech-Line Consulting which I started back in 1987. That’s when I had a full head of hair and computers were amazingly cool.

Tech-Line was originally an awesome full service computer store and service center but as prices plummeted, superstores and eCommerce took over I moved into the internet.

Please contact us today for Internet Marketing, Website Design, Hosting and just about anything else to do with marketing online. http://www.tech-line.com

Need Great Website Hosting? Check out my website hosting companies in Sacramento, CA. CABizHost.com and IMarkHosting.com. We love entrepreneurs and are excited to help. Contact us for you web hosting needs http://www.CABizHost.com

Marketing With Video? Well just give us a call at BeFoundVideos.com Video is one of the hottest ways to market. Videos do great in the search results, They have a long life for your advertising dollar and people just love to watch videos.

You can Save Money by Outsourcing We can help you there. Call us if you need assistance or check TLCOutsourcing if you want to try it yourself.

Video Marketing Is Powerful

Explainer Videos: Explainer or tutorial videos allow viewers to see what it is they’re trying to accomplish to help them follow along in a simple to follow way. They can also be used to simplify more difficult concepts in a viewer’s mind. These videos are perfect for establishing expertness and authority

Product Review Videos: Product reviews are a staple in the world of marketing videos, but they are so for a reason. They’re very effective.

Testimonial Videos: Whether it’s from customers sharing how great it’s been to work with you, from industry partners who have benefited from working with you or even your own team members talking about what they feel about your product or service, testimonials are a powerful way to establish social proof.

Types Of Videos: There are a plethora of video types to consider. Whiteboard Videos, Animated Videos, Interview Videos, Slide-show Videos and full blown video shoots which are the more advanced type.

Don’t be afraid of a basic video. Often times a simple whiteboard video that follows a recorded script are the most effective.

The important thing is to just get started with a video marketing campaign.

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