Cool Tools For Techs – Updated

Cool Tools For Techs – Updated

Cool tools for you techies

Tools for techniciansMake a universal installer CD for any 32 bit disk or a 64 bit disk Just run this:

and then burn the ISO to a disk…


Combine the 32 and 64 bit disks into one combo universal installer:

and burn the ISO to a Disk!

Or put it on a thumbdrive with this:

But alas my favorite source for Windows7 images is gone.

This had direct links to the digitalriver repository of Microsoft software disk images. Now you have to go through the recovery center and only if you have a valid RETAIL COA.

Here’s a great source for FREE images.

Here’s a site I found with links to mirrors on Google.. we’ll see how long that lasts.

Here’s a good one I should do… set up a thumbdrive/DVD with a generic version of windows. Then I can repair anything!

There are many other interesting & potentially useful tools on the developers site as well.

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