Don’t Host With The Domain Name Provider

Don’t Host With The Domain Name Provider

Here’s another great eye-opening article from the awesome people at WordFence.

The Offer 10 Reasons to Buy Your Domain Name and Hosting From Different Companies.

It makes sense to house your site in the same place where you got your domain, especially since many providers offer seamless user interfaces for managing them both and some also offer free domains when you purchase hosting.

On the other hand, there are many caveats that could make this seemingly natural pairing turn sour including security risks and lack of stability. That’s why it has been a standard practice to purchase hosting and domains from different companies.

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But is this practice still relevant?

Below, I’ll go through 10 reasons why you should consider keeping your hosting and domains separate, and also give you a definitive answer on whether it’s still considered good practice for WordPress.

To read the full story and discover some important information click here.

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