Don’t Risk Being Sued For Stolen Graphics

Don’t Risk Being Sued For Stolen Graphics

Don’t Use Pictures On Your Website Without Having The Legal Right To Use Them

You may think it will never happen to you!

Do yourself a favor and never copy an image off the net and use it on anything!!!!

One day you will go to the mailbox and BAM! You’ll find a threatening letter from Getty Images informing you that you are being sued for copyright infringement over the use of photos on your website.

Some statistics show that over 85%of the graphics used online are in violation of copyrights. It’s no wonder that some, (In my opinion scummy companies) have made their business model to sue others for these infringements.

My best solution to these business-killing copyright infringements is to buy license to use graphics.

This little bit of expense paid upfront can save you thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. A $100,000 her and there adds up to some big money. J

Here’s where I get all of my beautiful graphics that I use on the sites I build. Here’s an incredible offer to try it out for 7-days absolutely free. You can download 5 pictures a day so that means 35 free graphics without spending a dime.

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