Either Update WordPress or Lose It

Either Update WordPress or Lose It

How Important Is It To Keep WP Updated?

I maintain a lot of WordPress websites and host hundreds of others. As WordPress has become the over-whelming choice for so many sites, it’s also be come the choice of hackers.

That shouldn’t scare you away from using WordPress as it’s wonderful. It’s also easy to maintain. However, if your the type to set-it-and-forget-it, you’re looking for trouble.

If you’re not the type to keep current backups, update the plugins weekly, update the WP version when necessary of update or patch you theme what you’re advised, You should look into a manages solution.

Sacramento’s WordPress Management Service

Actually their service is nation-wide but this WP management service is located in Sacramento. This can be a major stress reliever when it comes to keeping you website running. Let them take care of things and you just keep up with your content and running your business.

Learn more at WPSanity.com

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