Fix My Computer

Fix My Computer

Some of the information shown below may look complicated but if you just follow the instructions step by step it’s not that bad. Much if what’s on the disk is a little outdated now but it’s still an awesome tool when you need to crack a password or your system’s so infected that you have to boot clean to fis the basics before you can use your other tools.

Here are some tools I use to fix systems every stinkin day after day after day. I hate computers but over the past 23 years I have become the go to guy. So here are some great tools both FREE and CHEAP. A High price doesn’t make the software better or more efficient.

Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

UBCD4Win is a bootable recovery CD that contains software used for repairing,
restoring, or diagnosing almost any computer problem. This is the most complete
and easy to use free computer diagnostic tool.

There are requirements for building this CD which can and may make it
difficult for some to build the project. Detailed instructions are provided and
our forum for help. Inexperienced users will feel a sense of accomplishment and
gain knowledge when they successfully build the CD

I work on a lot of systems and can’t spend all my time in front of
each computer. (0% of the systems that come in have a booting, slow
running or freezing problem.

Here are the steps I follow. They work 90% of the time and save me hours
every day.

I boot the system to my UBCD4WIN disk. (FREE)

I run the included EXPCFix (Included on FREE disc.)

1. I load the remote profiles

2. I clear cache and cookies Etc.

3. I peek around in this program to see if any other problem is obvious. (usually not.)

4. I quit this program

I now remove malware

1 I run Spybot or Adaware (Included on FREE disc.)

2. I load the remote profiles

3. Let them do their job and clear all they find.

4. I quit this program

Now I scan for viruses

1. I useally use the Avast but sometimes I try others. (Included on FREE disc.)

2. I quit this program

I now reboot to the systems hard drive.

I install malwarebytes (Free Version)

The last step I take if all looks good

I install the FREE version of AVG

My actual time at the keyboard = 10 to 15 minutes. I Charge $95 to $190. (not bad)


If you just can’t or are too scared to attempt it on your own, I may be able to help if you’re in the Sacramento area. (916) 661-8422

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