Over 50 Tools To Analyze Your Security

Over 50 Tools To Analyze Your Security

Here’s another great article from the security pros at Wordfence.

This is both scary and informative. From the moment I read this article on security tools, I’ve been trying them all and I can’t believe what I’m finding.

51 Tools for Security Analysts

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Yesterday at Wordfence we had an “all welcome” technology sharing meeting with the entire company – or at least everyone that was available at the time. The meeting became so popular with our team that we had to upgrade the license we use for our real-time collaboration service to accommodate everyone. It is the largest team meeting we have had to date.

The goal of the call was to have an informal chat about some of the external security and investigative tools that our team finds useful. The meeting included most of our security services team, senior dev staff, security analysts including all senior analysts, team members from customer service and even execs.

I think we all learned something new and Brad, one of our senior analysts, was kind enough to compile the list of tools we chatted about in a shared document.

I know that many security analysts, WordPress developers and readers who are interested in security visit this blog. So I thought I’d share the list of tools the Wordfence team came up with so that if you work in security or just want to increase your cyber security literacy, you can benefit from this list too.

Read this entire article.

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