WordPress Maintenance in Sacramento – A SNAP!

WordPress Maintenance in Sacramento – A SNAP!


Protecting Against WordPress Security Issues

WordPress Management ServiceWordPress is becoming the big target in terms of security issues, with so many websites running on WP everyone tries to hack it. As a result, site owners have to constantly update WordPress versions, themes, and plugins. It is becoming a maintenance nightmare, plus there is absolutely no guarantee that these components work together – you are at mercy of theme and plugin authors.

I just had to upgrade 3 plugins that I use in many of my blogs. Afterwards I Noticed that homepage loading become slower and my posts and pages weren’t visible in my admin panel. I did all the normal troubleshooting and found the offending plugin. Then I finally got back to running my business.

Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress and it is rock solid. In fact, its core has never been hacked.

Where the problem comes in is that there are endless add-ons that can be added and none of them guarantee compatibility with each other. Add to that, when patches are needed or features are added, you need to upgrade them.

Protected WordPressMaintain WordPress, The Easy Way

Let Sacramento’s WPSanity.com WordPress management service do it for you. They monitor your site 24/7 and keep the WordPress core, Themes and Plugins up-to-date daily. They also add malware scanning, a firewall, automated backups and a whole lot more.

WordPress Is Awesome

Don’t give up on it, just keep it up-to-date and protected. It’s become a first class CMS and it’s easy for users to work with. We’re lucky when it comes to WordPress management and support in Sacramento. We can keep our sanity by calling WPSanity.com (916) 661-8422.

I just received a call from a city in California. Half of their site is on one domain running WordPress and was just attacked and turned into a porn site. The business development  portion of their site is on another domain and remained safe and secure. Shouldn’t your site be protected by WPSanity?

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